HGH is the Human Growth Hormone, which is very vital for the overall human functions. People in some countries tend to believe that HGH can slow the process of aging but the studies of the famous endocrinologist Lau who belongs to Standford University says that it’s a wrong notion, HGH or Human Growth Hormone can’t do magic to age. Aging is a natural process and nothing can do anything to slow it. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t approve this drug but inspite of that more than thirty thousand Americans have it only with the intention of reducing their aging process.

According to Liu instead of reducing the aging process, it instead creates other conditions of the human body like carpel tunnel syndrome, causes swellings, joint aches etc. The thirty one studies done by the team belonging to the endocrinologist Liu came to the final conclusion that showed that HGH affected the health of two hundred and twenty elderly people who were supposed to be healthy. It affected the body composition to some extent. It did not affect the weight of the people it was tested out on nor did it affect their cholesterol levels or sugar levels or made any change in their bone density levels. But of course four pounds of body fat was compensated by lean body mass. But according to Liu it’s not worth it to spend about 1000 to 2000$ on a drug, which made only such minimal difference since this difference can be easily made by going to the gymnasium regularly and the need to do strenuous exercise is also not required.

But the people in America have just gone blind behind this drug and are buying this drug like nothing and hence the increase in sales of this drug have grown by 1.5 billion dollars. People have gone crazy after this drug and are buying it like anything and increasing it’s sales and making the sales figures reach sky-rocketing levels, just on the belief that it reduces aging. Aging is a natural process and cannot be slowed now just with the use of one drug but people are just refusing to accept this fact and the studies put forth by the scientists.

Liu’s studies showed that half of the people who had this drug underwent swelling which is a side-effect of this drug compared to eight percent of other people who didn’t have this drug at all. More than half experienced carpal tunnel disease too compared to nineteen percent people who didn’t have this drug at all. This drug is found to have different effects on women compared to men.

This theory of HGH as an anti-aging drug became popular because of the article published in the English Journal of Medicine by Daniel Rudman who after studying it on twelve people came to the conclusion that HGH might after all in fact have some anti-aging properties. The side-effects of this drug were also listed but the marketing people boosted the point of HGH as an anti-aging product and popularized it under this theme.