­Production of human growth hormone is an internal process. It is not easy to know whether an individual is actually suffering from growth hormone deficiency. In children, slow growth and late puberty may signal the growth hormone deficiency. Whereas in adults, the symptoms vary showing the growth hormone deficiency. Otherwise, there are fifteen ways by which one can make out that he or she requires human growth hormones.

  1. Moon Swings- This is one of the symptoms that is seen in adults. Frequent mood swings show that the person suffers from less production of growth hormones. Emotional instability is one of the symptoms that are easily noticed in individuals.
  2. Short Temper- Person becomes hot and short-tempered when the production of growth hormones decreases in the body.
  3. Problems with sleep- You may also have problems with your sleeping habits. You might not be able to get sleep or sound sleep. Irregular sleeping habit will irritate you even more, resulting in more mode swings and anger flashes.
  4. Problems in sex life- You do not feel like indulging in sexual acts with your partner. This clearly reflects that you suffering from lack of growth hormones in your body.
  5. Problems concentrating- It becomes difficult to focus and concentrate on things when the growth hormones decrees in the body.
  6. Frequent illness- Growth hormones improves the immune system. If there production of growth hormones declines, the immune system does not function appropriately. This causes frequent illness and sickness.
  7. Blood cholesterol over 240- Lack of growth hormones results in cardiovascular problems as well. In addition, cholesterol accumulation in adds to the problem.
  8. High blood pressure- High blood pressure reflects the low growth hormones in the body.
  9. Sagging skin- When the skin begins to thin and sag, it shows that the production of collagen has decreased. Growth hormones help in the production of collages and improve muscle strength. If you suffering from malfunctioning of the pituitary gland, the skin will lose its elasticity and begin to sag.
  10. Lack of stamina- While working out, climbing stairs, shopping for everyday groceries, you get tired very soon? Growth hormones help to boost energy. If there is low production of growth hormones, you will get tired very soon because you will begin to lose on all the stamina.
  11. Lack of endurance level- You cannot endure anything anymore? You cannot hear people yelling in the background and get irritated? This is another way to determine that you need HGH.
  12. Breathing problems while working out- While working out you start gasping for air is because you have lost all the stamina.
  13. Are you getting older or above 45- With ageing, the production of growth hormones slows down, thereby causing the problems related to deficiency of HGH.
  14. Decrease in HDL cholesterol- this is another way to figure out that you need HGH, preferably when it is below 50.
  15. Weak grip strength- Your gripping strength decreases, showing low HGH.

If you have agreed with most of these points mentioned above, you are in serious need of HGH.