Doping scandals in the world of sports will never end. Many sportsmen and women have been suspended and caught for taking steroids and HGH supplements.

Steroids are a form of hormone. However, Human Growth Hormones are not anabolic steroids. Steroids are derived from the synthesis of a male hormone called testosterone. Steroids are synthetic human growth hormones. Whereas, HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland.

As we all know, baseball players can stuff themselves with steroids and enhance their athletic performances. However, many researchers have proved that HGH will not help any sportsman enhance his athletic performance. There is another primary difference between steroids and HGH. Consumption of steroids might have negative impacts on the person, like severe risks of regular strokes and testicular shrinkage. Whereas, HGH does not really affect that much.

Therefore, the question is, if HGH does not enhance the muscles like steroids, then why athletes consume HGH. In addition, if it has no side effects as such, then why the heads of league and sports organization against HGH? Years ago, an experiment was conducted on a group of men aging sixty. For six months, they were given HGH on a regular basis. After six months, they had lean body, thicker skin, and denser bones and weighed lesser. HGH had reversed the process of ageing and made them look younger by ten to twenty years.

This, however, cannot do much for the athletes. A chiseled physique would not really help a person hit a ball or may be punch somebody. The connection between lean body caused by HGH and the enhanced athletic performance cannot be figured out. However, unlike steroids, HGH has not really proven or showed that it is beneficial for weight lifters. HGH can improve the muscle definition but cannot really make the muscles that strong. Even in case of cardiovascular activities, HGH has negligible impact.

Yet, many athletes consume HGH. This is because, its subtle enhancement that pushes the energy level in a person to a certain extent, if not a great extent, can be proportionately measured in a setting where it can be easily controlled. A professional athlete can feel slight improvements in its muscle strength and energy level, which would go unnoticed by the statistical tests or scientists. Still there are no concrete reasons why athletes should take HGH and why the sports organization banned the intake of HGH by sportsmen. Besides, HGH is a very good tissue repairer.

Whereas steroids promise strong and bold results. Steroids causes facial hair growth, increase in the muscle mass, depth of the voice deepens and other male characteristics in relation to male puberty. Steroids increase the production of testosterone in the body, resulting in stronger and larger muscle mass. Too much of testosterone circulating in the blood may cause many side effects as well.

A person consuming steroids can suffer from liver tumor, violent mood swings, muscle aches, etc. A kid consuming steroids may suffer from early ageing along with the other side effects.

Steroids are illegal and HGH is somewhat safe. But the best way to live is by living a healthy lifestyle. Why to be caught up in a mess, which might just turn things, words the wrong direction?